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We're partnered with some amazing local companies

Core Health

Core Health takes pride in helping their practice members achieve their health objectives. Whether it be a newborn or someone in the wisest of their years, Core Health offers a holistic approach to identifying the root cause of the presenting health challenges. 


Learn more about Core Health HERE.


Twin Peaks Fargo

The best sports lodge in Fargo, ND serving made from scratch food, local craft beer, and HD views in every direction. Twin Peaks welcomes every guest with World Series walk offs and barrel-aged whiskey. The second you step inside, you’re surrounded by a lodge full of friendly and attentive Twin Peaks Girls serving up scratch food and signature 29° beers.


Visit Twin Peaks Fargo Facebook Page HERE.


Fargo Metabolic Center

Real foods, Real Nutrition. Genetically Aligned. Imagine the health possibilities for you and your family if you knew the foods and categories of foods/nutrition that you best metabolize. To know oneself is to have power of one's outcomes!


Learn more about Fargo Metabolic Center HERE.


National Personal Training Institute

Core Fitness has partnered with the National Personal Training Institute to offer hands-on training for aspiring personal trainers. The National Personal Training Institute offers a 500 hour state-approved diploma in Personal Training. The course is hands-on throughout. Students have many opportunities to experience being a personal trainer throughout their training.


For more information, please visit:

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